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SmartPlug Applications

Applications of SmartPlug Ignition Systems * Automotive: cars Cars with SmartPlugs Installed, trucks; (whether old, new or antique Antiques with SmartPlugs Installed
* Recreational: racing, off-road, motorcycles, ATVs ATV with SmartPlugs Installed, go-carts,
                    RVs, mini-bikes, snowmobiles, etc.

* Marine: boats Honda Outboard with SmartPlugs Installed, jet skis Jet ski with SmartPlugs Installed
* General Purpose: lawn mowers Lawnmower with SmartPlug Installed, chain saws, etc.
* Aviation: airplanes Airplane with SmartPlugs Installed, drones, jets
* Utility: tractors, portable generators Homelite Genset with SmartPlug Installed, compressors, pumps, etc.
* Industrial: power generators Power generator with SmartPlugs Installed, turbines
* Research: octane rating engine CFR ASTM Test & Research Engine
* And many more . . .


SmartPlug is easy to install. No machining of the engine is necessary.
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Advantages of SmartPlugs


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